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Should have, could have

Now I am sounding like an older person, but parents, especially new parents, may have these feelings. But because I am a little older now and still have not had kids (yet hopefully soon), then I hope to just share some things I learned.

Growing up, there were lots of assumptions that things would just stay the same as they were.

But unexpected turn of events may occur.

Cherish your time together. Try and get past little things that may just get in the way.

I have learned to let small things go and just say, "it is ok" or "don't worry about it" over the years.

Then perhaps I should have dropped some things I previously thought were important - including my job. Yep.

Why? I could have saved some lives, those of family.

Instead, I was overwhelmed by how difficult it was. I was encountering some generational gaps or barriers. I could not be taken seriously and was waved off.

But now I know that I should have just been ok with it and just insisted on sitting there to do stretches, exercises, leg elevation (ESPECIALLY THIS), and / or any other physical activities that could have been helpful.

Even as I got frustrated every time, I tried to get family members to help and encourage them too. But it was not good enough because it would just be vague encouragement that they could once again wave off.

But at the same time, I did not look for more resources to help them. I did and asked around, but that was still not enough. I wish I found Home Help resources, but they were not easy to find. Now with the 3rd year of the COVID-19 pandemic, these resources are being used and advertised more in the mainstream. The other issue may be that the Asian American community may encounter barriers to such resources. It could be due to language. Or even if Asian Americans are enrolled in healthcare as were my parents, they did not actively seek out these resources when they could have benefited most from it.

So now I know that I should have just kept asking more and more people, possibly eventually finding Home Help resources where someone, anyone, family members, friends, the Home Help therapists could actually come and do exercises with them daily or every other day. Thinking back, I did think of that, but I could not land on any family member or family friend who could.

So another thing I should have done years earlier is to stay connected with more people. Keep in touch. Ask people to come over. But at the same time, COVID-19 hit. That was 2 years going on 3 now. .......

That leads me to my commitment to health and science education. I am totally and forever invested in health and science education.

Initial publication date of this blog post is 01/02/2023.


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