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Science communication is a big part of being a scientist, from laboratory researchers to citizen scientists. Science communication can benefit from advances in the latest, state-of-the-art technological developments. Digital technology from mobile applications to reinventions of internet form factors are being implemented in innovative ways. Tools such as blogs or websites are constantly revamped in exciting ways in the consumer world, so let's see what it can do for science communication. 

Sage LifeSci strives to implement such exciting technology in innovative ways for science communication.


Original Art

  • Collateral Damage Studios

  • Independent artists including Shunigama and Team Dankie

  • Assembly was used to generate some of the designs.



The purpose of the blog is to help people find useful information on science, health, disease, and disease prevention. It currently is focused on curation of content for people in America who may benefit from translations in Chinese. 



Whether you are hard at work or out traveling, our mobile apps offer a unique means of socially interacting while exploring with a focus on the life sciences, specifically biology.

If you have ever wondered how researchers in the life sciences explore this world, then these mobile apps allow you to become more engaged in the tasks of a laboratory scientist studying, well, life and explore a few key concepts, cool techniques, and the wonders of the world. 

How has science and biology benefited society? We have therapies and treatments for diseases like cancer, prosthetics, environmentally friendly advances, fitness bands and sensors, educational devices, and so much more.

These apps are designed by scientists and industry experts and can be used by scientists, college-level students, and adults interested in the life sciences. 

Curiosity drives us to explore further and further, while technological developments allow us to do so.  



From the start, my mission has always been to help improve the lives of those affected by diseases and debilitating conditions.  Innovative state-of-the-art technology can be used to address these problems. With my training in biomedical sciences and fascination with the latest technology, I have innovative solutions to key problems in biomedical research and in life science education. 



Please read the Terms and Policies linked on this website.

Got Ideas? Love what we do?

We want to hear from you! We are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve. Feel free to send inquiries, suggestions, and comments to Continue the adventures in exploring the world of science! 

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