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中文 (简体): More Resources from CA Regarding COVID-19 (Chinese Simplified) 来自加州的更多资源 - COVID-19

1) Please go to this website.

1) 请去这个网站

2) Click on "Select Language" at the top of the webpage

2) 请点击 "Select Language" 在 网页 的顶部

3) To choose, click on "Chinese (Simplified)" or "Chinese (Traditional)"

3) 中文 (简体) 中文 (繁体): 请点击 "Chinese (Simplified)" or "Chinese (Traditional)"


1) For job resources in California:

1) 工作资源 在加州:

2) Click on "Translate" at the bottom of the webpage (in orange) 2) 请点击 "Translate" 在 网页 的 底部 (橙色)

3) Click on the flag for Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional)

3) 中文 (简体) 中文 (繁体): 请点击


1) Here is the official report on 04/02/2020:

1) 官方报告:

2) To translate to Chinese,

2) 翻译成中文

3) Click "Translate" at the top of the webpage

3) 请点击 "Translate" 在 网页 的顶部


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